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Technology and Weddings

Technology and Weddings

Posted Jan 10, 2020

Technology is impacting weddings at an ever-increasing rate.  Some of these impacts are useful, while some are just bizarre!  Here is a look at the latest technology trends that are impacting weddings near you.

Wearable tech.  Wearable tech has seen rapid development in the last several years.  The Apple Watch is a popular device now, and of course, you can get them blinged out in gold for your wedding, if you can afford it!  Fashion is not really the wedding application for wearable tech.  Instead, it’s the functionality of the tech, specifically, the ability to monitor and record your heart rate throughout the day.  While this may not sound like a big deal, the cool part is asking an artist to turn a timeline of your heartbeat, measured across the entire wedding day (all of its ups and downs), into a large painting that you can put on display in your home!  What a unique piece, thanks to technology!

Wedding drones.  Drones have absolutely invaded the wedding space.  More and more applications are coming up all the time.  The most popular is using drones for stunning aerial footage of the wedding venue and outdoor wedding party pictures from impossible angles.  Drones have also been known to replace ring-bearers walking up the aisle.  Imagine the rings being flown in by a drone instead!  Cool or bizarre?  Whatever your taste, I suppose!

GoPro integration.  With video capturing devices like the GoPro getting smaller and smaller, it’s easy to “hide” them in various places on your wedding day.  One ideal location is inside the bride’s bouquet of flowers that she holds in front of her during the entire ceremony.  Imagine audio and video shot from that vantage point!  From the first appearance of the bride at the doors of the venue to the walk down the aisle to the saying of the vows.  That recording would be something to cherish forever!  Other locations to hide a video recording device would be inside various flower arrangements in the reception hall.  Catch your guests in hilarious candid camera moments!  Now, to tie everything together, hire a videographer to combine the drone, bouquet and reception footage into one amazing video you’ll want to watch every anniversary!

Wedding cake.  3-D printing technology has dramatically affected the look of wedding cakes.  Cake makers can now add amazing 3-D printed shapes all over the cake to create beautiful, unique looks.  They simply start with their usual base cake pieces and then add the 3-D elements to the top, bottom and sides to create stunning structures.

Wedding favours.  Pay a 3-D printing company to set up a booth at your wedding to create “mini-me” action figures portraying your guests.  What a cool wedding favour idea!  The technology works by quickly scanning the measurements of the guest and then printing a small action figure that closely resembles the guest.  Bring all the action figures together for an interesting photoshoot!
Selfie sticks.  Try handing out selfie sticks to every table at your reception.  This will encourage your guests to use them and create interesting photos recording the evening.  Create a custom Instagram hashtag for your wedding to easily organize all the photos your guests publish.  Don’t forget to include a charging station at one of your cocktail tables so you don’t miss out on any action later in the evening!

Live streaming.  Do you have friends and family that couldn’t make your wedding?  Now they can watch from a live stream!  You can hire a videographer to take a 360 recording of the ceremony.  Your guests that couldn’t make it will receive a private link where they can view the live ceremony on their mobile device.  You can also hire a robot to take care of the live steam recording!  Think of R2D2 with a fully extended periscope pole and an iPad at the end of it.  Or, ask around and maybe a friend is interested in recording the ceremony straight from their phone or a tablet.

Hope you enjoyed these high-tech ideas and maybe you’ll try them out one day! 😉