Amazing Selling Machine 8 – A Comprehensive Guide

Before getting into how to make money online with Amazing selling machine 8, it is important to learn what it is all about. Amazing selling machine 8 is an online course for 8 weeks. The program was founded by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback a while ago. Initially, it was started as Amazon Money Machine 8 but was later changed to Amazing Selling Machine. The concept is embraced by the business community on Amazon and is considered to be the most ambitious. Since then the program has undergone a lot of changes. gives you an understanding of the course. Various e-commerce models and their advantages on your business are found on

Reasons to sell on Amazon
Amazon is one among the top e-commerce website across the globe. In the United States, the e-trailer has grown to #1 position. The revenues have soared over the years, and in the year 2016, the revenue was $135.99 billion and is steadily growing since. According to research, the rise in the online buying trend is one of the reasons for the explosive growth of e-commerce websites like Amazon. The website catered to buyer and seller of physical products on their retail site and earned the reputation of being the largest retailer in the world. The website is not just for buying products but also used to review physical products before the purchase.

How to sell on Amazon?
There are two options to sell on the website, but the first step is to set up an Amazon Seller Central Account. For sellers who want to sell any number of products on Amazon, professional seller sign up is required. The service comes at the cost of $40/month, and you can set up one-month free access while signing up. For starters who are not ready for Amazon shipping then do not waste the free month option, instead, opt for individual signup and later upgrade to professional membership.

The Fulfillment by Merchant will get your products on Amazon website. Once you receive an order, the product delivery has to be arranged. Apart from this customer service also has to be taken care of to ensure the product is handed over to the customer safely. Another type is Fulfillment by Amazon where the e-tailer takes care of product delivery, customer support and even refunds. This gives peace of mind to the seller with all the support coming from the e-tailer. Though, this comes at a small fee. The Amazing Selling Machine 8 course is all about educating people on how to sell on Amazon through the FBA model.

Though, one common question that arises is why not sell on your company or individual e-commerce website. The answer is simple; Amazon focuses on promoting the product rather than just shipping, refunds, tracking, etc. Taking orders and managing them is not an easy task, it needs a lot of investment and resources. Through the FBA program, there are warehouses opened across the US and other regions in the world to ensure quick and safe delivery of products to customer’s doorstep.